Easy way to get coins in plants vs zombies

Easy way to get coins in plants vs zombies

Posted: neoncobra Date: 25.05.2017

Gems are items in Plants vs. They can also be used as an alternative way to speed up the time to boost plants and purchase extra pots in the Zen Garden. It is highly advised to use gems to buy premium plants, as some of them are available for a limited time only and you will not be able to buy them after the deadline.

The appearance of gems depends on luck. However, gems usually appear in Endless Zonesso you can play them to get more gems. If you do not like playing Endless Zones, you can replay some levels of worlds that have a lot of zombies. The best choices for this are levels from worlds with high difficulty since they usually have four flags and lots of zombies.

If a gem premium plant is not available for a limited time, there is a chance that the price will lower and if you spend your gems early and the price lowers afterward, your gems will not be refunded.

If you plan to not lose excessive amounts of gems, you can wait until the price of the plant in question gets cheaper. These can make even the weakest plants powerhouses and can make some levels incredibly easy.

Note that these can be bought anytime and that limited-time plants should be prioritized unless you don't need them for your collection. FANDOM Skip to Content Easy way to get coins in plants vs zombies to Wiki Navigation Skip to Site Navigation. Games Movies TV Wikis.

easy way to get coins in plants vs zombies

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A gem on its tab in the store. An advertisement showing how to earn gems through Travel Log. Which gem premium plants should I buy first? My take would be to get them in this order starting from the top: Complete the quest T How about smashing Pinatas and getting gems from zombies?

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easy way to get coins in plants vs zombies

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